The E-Sorter

Scalable from 1 lane and up


8-Lane E-Sorter

4-Lane E-Sorter


The E-Sorter receives a flow of product, positions it into single file lanes, and moves it through AgSort’s unique scanning tube, one potato at a time with a rate of 7 potatoes per second per lane. This equates to roughly 600 (CWT) per hour with an 8-lane sorter.  The E-Sorter’s modular construction allows growers to choose the specific unit size they need based on the volume of their operation.


AgSort understands that grade specifications and product quality requirements from processors can vary by use, variety, customer preference and market conditions. The E-Sorter’s technology and design allow farmers to make instant adjustments. For each defect category, the E-Sorter can be intuitively modified to the specifications and sensitivity level needed. This allows control of quality parameters to meet demand conditions, minimize costs and maximize yields.

The Process

I. Product enters the top in-feed conveyor where it is divided into lanes which move the product into single file lines before being delivered to the scanning tubes.

II. Specific product design utilizes gravitational acceleration provide product separation while traveling through alignment chutes. This ensures consistent speeds and rotational control allowing AgSort to achieve unparalleled sorting accuracy.

III. AgSort’s unique product flow provides a complete view of the entire product by the scanners to fully determine quality based upon operator controlled parameters for each defect category.

IV. Each lane individually transmits scan results to the sorters and diverts the product into the appropriate lane – grade 1, grade 2, or cull- on the collection belt.

V. From the collection conveyor the sorted product is transported to any location the operator or farmer desires.